10 Famous Black Celebrities Who Adore Their Precious Pet Doggies

10 Famous Black Celebrities Who Adore Their Precious Pet Doggies

August 26 is National Dog Day. Today, we are showing black celebrities who love their four-legged family members as much as we do.

It’s estimated that there are more than 900 million dogs around the globe, according to the Pet Pedia website. This makes total sense as dogs certainly make for great companions–and are necessary. Research has shown that dogs can aid in improving the quality of life.

According to The Humane Society of the United States, “63.4 million American households own at least one dog.”

Let’s take a look at some famous black celebrity dog lovers who are absolutely obsessed with their furry loved ones.

1. Taye Diggs

The “Private Practice” star and actor absolutely adores dogs. He owns a Golden Retriever named Mixty. In 2018, Taye Diggs partnered up with animal health nutrition company Royal Canin to help people looking to adopt a dog make the best decisions when creating a healthy home for their new fur babies.

2. Serena Williams and her dog Chip! If they aren’t cuddling then you can definitely catch Chip chilling on the court watching mama practice

3. Kevin Hart and his dog Roxy looking fresh!

 4. John Legend and Chrissy Teigen. This is Luna, but the couple has three other fur babies. Puddy the Bulldog, Pippa the Frenchie, and Penny the three-legged Frenchie!

 5. Shemar Moore’s cute bull dog Moe

6. Mariah Carey and her little dog Cha Cha!

7. 50 Cent has a dog named after Oprah!

8. Cee Lo Green and his dog rocking the hoodie look!

9. Ciara owns, not one, not two but three Great Danes! The star recently hired celebrity dog trainer Cesar Milan to help train her massive doggies.

10. Usher is “soo caught up” with his precious Golden-Doodle Scarlett. The “Yeah” crooner bought the fluffy pup back in 2018 and they have been inseparable since.

“She’s my road dog, man,” Usher told PEOPLE about his loyal pooch. “Some of my hardest times, she is always there with me.”


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