Brand Story

So glad you are here fellow streetwear enthusiast!

Started in 2020, FLÌ PÊP – (Pronounced, ‘F L Y – P U P’) - a ready to wear streetwear brand created just for you.

FLÌ PÊP believes that inspirational streetwear is a way to impact people’s lives. The inspiration behind the brand stems from the owner’s adoption of an abused puppy named Tyson.

Pictured below; the adoption was very impactful giving the founder a better perspective that life is about giving back, showing love and inspiring those around you.

Even though Tyson was abused and experience trauma; he was still able to bring joy and uplift those who he came in contact primarily the owner.

No matter how traumatic your life experience, you still have the ability to inspire others! You still can make a difference. Tyson made a Difference; which is our mantra.

M A K E  A  D I F F E R E N C E

We are a creative brand that focus on positive unique designs and illustrations. We believe in the transformation power of positive simplicity.

FLÌ PÊP is an empowering lifestyle brand that means "Fearless, Loving, Intelligent, Peaceful, Empowering, Phenom".


Our Logos: "Tyson" - is an iconic emblem that captures the essence of our brand.

Our Slogan: "Make A Difference"

FLÌ PÊP, founded by Christopher Martin in 2020 in the Atlanta Georgia. Christopher was born in New Orleans in 1972. An Artist at heart, his intent was to create a brand that combines ideas of streetwear, art, religion, luxury, music and real-life experiences in his designs. 



Thank you for supporting the FLÌ PÊP Brand. Feel free to reach out to our customer support number with any questions 770-891-6751 or by emailing us at