The Brand

Our Story

FLI PÊP, (pronounced "Fly Pup"), is an acronym that means (F)earless (L)oving (I)ntelligent (P)eaceful (Ê)mpowering (P)henom, is a life style brand that inspires Self Belief. The concept of the collections are to empower those who believe in the "Impossible". 

  • Fearless        - Take risk to achieve your goals
  • Loving           - Show Love to receive Love
  • Intelligent      - Make wise decisions
  • Peaceful        - Come in Peace; Be prepared for war
  • Êmpowering  - Empower your Mind
  • Phenom         - Believe You are Great

 FLI PÊP, founded by Christopher Martin in 2020, is an art adventure, birth in New Orleans and based in Atlanta, Georgia, that combines ideas of streetwear, art, luxury, music and real life experiences.

Our Mission 

“To Inspire, To Elevate, To Make Smile”

Our Statement 

“Start Your Day With Self-Belief”

Our Apparel

We use soft relax fit comfortable Eco Friendly and Organic apparel.

FLI PÊP’s Brand is all about inspiring YOU to BELIEVE IN YOU AND YOUR GOD GIVEN ABILITIES.  

Thank you for supporting the FLI PÊP Brand. Feel free to reach out to our customer support number with any questions 770-891-6751 or by emailing us at